A ‘Stylish Space’ infused with personal touches and inspired ideas.

Does mass production and high street availability mean the end of good design?

In response to market forces and a growing desire for people to design their own living space the influx of cheaper ‘mass’ produced materials into the market place has made off the shelf readily available products accessible to everyone.

The mass market has contributed to suppressing the potential for people to use their imagination and express their individuality.

Today ‘Good Design’ as we understand it is readily available on the high street and to suit all budgets. The problem here is that although there is a lot more ‘Stuff’ out there it doesn’t necessarily reflect more choice. Have we gone too far and is the pendulum starting to swing the other way?

Only in recent decades has the fashion industry made minimalism and simplicity inspirational for the masses. The trend has extended to interior design, home wares, furniture and clothing so ‘good design’ is both high style and mass market you can’t escape even if you want to.

Today we feel good design is more pared down, where form follows function and designers produce objects that are simple, useful and affordable.

A beautiful house no matter how well it’s designed is simply that, to make a house a home requires individual input, regardless what your style or budget you can find or create that object or piece of art that inspires. People are unique and part of the ‘fun’

is surely expressing and reflecting that individuality through our surroundings not simply a reflection of the latest makeover programme. Design needs to inspire people to use their imagination, break ‘the rules’ occasionally, push at boundaries, blend different styles, infuse their space with personal touches  providing a real alternative to the homogenous output of mainstream retailers.

Although streamlined modernism maybe everywhere, surely there has to be room for wit, beauty and the unique?  There are styles to suit every whim, there is no right or wrong when it comes to sorting out our homes its just what feels good for us.

After all what is good design, who makes the rules and what is style all about  surely its all down to the individual ?

‘I don’t care, we like what we like and that’s that!’