Having Kittens !

Oh lawks my first proper blog on my new website..all very daunting where to start?

Cats and kittens work online (so I’ve been told) hence the token pic of my cat. Now assuming my cat has worked her magic here goes!


Passionate about all areas of design I learnt from an early age to ‘Think out of the box’. A single mum with few pennies to her name and a first home to renovate I enthusiastically knocked down walls, rummaged through charity outlets, scoured skips and sacrificed the Sunday ‘lie in’ for the bleary eyed often hung over attendance at local car booties.

I had great fun breaking all the rules especially when doing up my teenage son’s room.

The picture below shows the window treatment created by inserting old cd’s into a perspex holder which I’m sure was donated via a generous estate agent!


teenage boys 'denim'

Teenage boys ‘denim’ room.

Spot the super mkt trolley.

Spot the trolley ….donated if I remember correctly by a kindly super mkt ! !