Dune Luminaire

Lighting / Recent Commissions

Inspired by the extraordinary constantly changing light and shadow effects created by the rolling Barchans Dunes of the Namibian Desert, the Dune Luminaire is totally unique in its dual function.

At night emitting a subtle ambient light, by day metamorphosing into a piece of three dimensional sculpture. In sunlight shadows dance off the facia, moving, mesmerising, enchanting and magical. Shadows become alive and vital , alluring and atmosphperic creating stunning effects.

Dune Luminaires are hand crafted and finished to the highest specification, using quality materials and highly skilled craftsmen.

Luminaires are designed ready to wall mount and can be hung horizontally  or vertically on simple fixings provided.

Dimensions: H 2000 mm x W 565 mm
Apex of curves from wall: 115mm

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